Rolling Romance

About the Film

Every day, thousands of people fall in love over the Internet. At least thatís what dating sites claim. In LA, itís hard to find people who havenít tried online dating. But, itís also hard to find people who feel positive about the experience. Most people go online out of desperation; they want to find someone, anyone to connect with.

Set in LA, Rolling Romance is a short film about the pitfalls of online dating. The film follows Orson and Janice, two people with muscular dystrophy. After finding each other on an Internet dating site, the pair decide to meet up. The result is a hilarious and ultimately disastrous first date.

The film is based on an actual dating experience that screenwriter Michael Carnick had. Michael has congenital fiber-type disproportion, a condition similar to muscular dystrophy that has kept him in a wheelchair most of his life. He uses humor to connect with people and get them to see past his disability.

Rolling Romance is an innovative piece that shows that people with disabilities suffer heartbreak, go on bad dates and are searching for someone to love just like everyone else is.

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